Why I Ran the Marathon for my son Jack Langan

Hi my name is Mary Langan and I ran the Dublin marathon to raise funds for the Rotunda NICU. This is a place very close to our heart.

Mary Langan Running for NICU in Dublin City MarathonThe words preemie, NICU and Rotunda were words I didn’t know much about until the 8th of February 2017 when our boy Jack was born at 28 weeks gestation weighing 2lbs and 2oz.

The NICU is a place I could not relate to until I had to go through the double doors on 9th Feb 2017. When I saw Jack he was so small and I thought how is he going to get big. But little did I know how strong preemies are and the amazing care all preemies receive in NICU.

NICU is the hardest and the most amazing place to be all at once. Hard from the point of view we couldn’t hold Jack other than the hour for kangaroo care, but also amazing because I knew when I left to go home at night Jack was in the best place possible.  Also because of the other amazing mammy’s I met in Rotunda which kept me going. 

The level of care Jack received in the Rotunda NICU was simply amazing.  I cannot find the words to describe these amazing medical staff other than angles in disguise.

Sure enough day by day our Jack got stronger with the care from the amazing NICU team at The Rotunda Hospital before being transferred to mayo general hospital. They are the reason I can hear him laughing upstairs as I type up our story.

I am very lucky to have such great support and Friends who helped to make my marathon a very special day for me.  It’s great to have motivation and mine was our Jack and the amazing staff in Rotunda NICU, they are so special as we saw first hand when Jack arrived very early.  I was delighted to have taken part,  Jack is a big strong toddler today all because of Rotunda NICU staff.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated to my fundraising page for the Rotunda NICU. It means so much to us three.

This is our story and my reasons for running the Dublin marathon in 2018  😀

You too can support the NICU by making a donation to today