“I got to see him look around for me”

“In memory of my special little boy Zach. Zach arrived into this world a lot sooner than he was supposed to, and without the care and love and pure dedication of the Staff in The Rotunda Hospital NICU we wouldn’t have gotten the 5 special weeks we did with him.

Baby ZachWe watched him open his eyes for the first time, and seen his little feisty personality shine through and we got to cuddle him and kiss him and touch his soft skin. I got to see him look around for me when he heard my voice. I was given the opportunity to feel his love and his calmness when his skin touched my skin, i got to hold him and dress him and change his little nappy and i only got to do all of these things (and more) because the doctors and nurses worked so hard at helping Zach be here with us.

Sadly he was too small and his little body was trying too hard and his kidneys failed. They tried so very hard to get them working again with renal specialist advice and every medication they could try they tried, but they could do no more. We had no other option but to turn off Zachs machines and we had to say goodbye forever.

Our hearts are broken beyond words and nothing takes the pain away, but nothing can ever take away from us the 5 weeks we had with our precious little miracle and for that we are thankful to the NICU at the rotunda hospital. I want to try and raise as much funds as i can to go towards the amazing care they give to tiny little humans and the support they offer to the parents of NICU, so i am taking part in VHI Women’s Mini Marathon 2018 with a bunch of my closest friends. Anyone who knows me knows I DO NOT RUN, but “for one night and one night only” I will run! I can’t run to Zach but I will run for him.

Please help myself and my friends raise funds by giving whatever you can. No amount is too little. Please feel free to spread the word that MICHELLE IS GOING TO RUN by sharing our link with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Zach, we love you, we miss you and we will see you again xxxxxxxx Mammy & Daddy”

Michelle is a wonderful ambassador running in the VHI Women’s marathon, and holding special events to help raise further fund to support the work of the Hospital and Foundation.  Her achievements include taking the no 2 spot on the fundraising site Everyday Hero for the VHI Women’s Marathon 2018, and raising a further €15,845.00 in under 30 days with her #givingbackforzach fundraiser for Christmas 2018.

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