Tentacles for Tinies

An outstanding success, the ‘OctoProject’ first began in Denmark in 2013 and the Rotunda Hospital are proud to be the first NICU in Ireland to officially introduce this Programme.

Tentacles For Tinies LogoThe tentacles of the crocheted Octopus resemble the umbilical cord and reminds our premature babies of their time in the womb.  It prevents the babies from pulling at their tubes and is said to provide comfort and support resulting in calmer and happier babies. 

Each baby born prematurely in the Rotunda Hospital receive a boy and girl Octopus who will keep them company on their journey through the NICU.  Every Octopus has been carefully crocheted by our wonderful volunteers in the Rotunda Knitters Group and are made to meet specific health and safety standards.

Donations to this fund furthers clinical trials and support of the initiative Tentacles for Tinies