‘SoundStart’ is an obstetric ultrasound research and training programme aimed at building on the world-class work that is being carried out in the field of ultrasound research, in parallel with offering training opportunities to sonographers from all over Ireland.

SoundStart LogoUltrasound has become the cornerstone of fetal medicine. For sick or at-risk babies, the pathway from fetal life to birth can be unpredictable. The ‘SoundStart’ Programme aims to explore this fascinating transition, in order to improve outcomes for mothers and babies

The ‘SoundStart’ programme also hopes to provide training opportunities for sonographers, through providing access to up-to-date ultrasound equipment and learning tools in a manner that will facilitate the development of regional scanning services.  Money raised for ‘SoundStart’ will be used to equip a dedicated research ultrasound suite. This suite will allow doctors, sonographers and midwives to attend training in high-end fetal ultrasound examination.

‘SoundStart’ is a New Special Fund currently being set up by the Rotunda Foundations web developers.  

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