Winners at Irish Healthcare Awards 2018

At the Irish Health Care Award 2018 The Rotunda Hospital were Winners in 2 categories

‘Research Team of the Year’

Rotunda Hospital & IMSRL, Temple Street

Winners of Research Team of the Year 2018The research team focused on Group B Streptococcus which is the most common cause of early-onset neonatal blood stream infections. The projects examined different aspects of Group B Streptococcus related disease such as epidemiology, risk factors, diagnostics and outcome.

Their work was supported by the Rotunda Foundation and the Temple Street Foundation.

Winners of Healthcare Initiative-Patient Education/Lifestyle Project

Clinic/Specialised Centre Sexual Assault Treatment Unit – “The Implementation of Option 3”

To provide an alternative care pathway six SATUs (Sexual Assault Treatment Unit) across the country introduced ‘Option 3’ in 2016. This offers collection and storage of evidentially valuable forensic samples, in circumstances where the patient has yet to decide to report to An Garda Síochána. Going forward the aim is to raise awareness of ‘Option 3’ among other Healthcare Professionals and members of the public nationally.

A further 2 projects were shortlisted:

Mental Health Care- Introducing Early Screening for Postnatal Depression (PND) across the RCSI Group.

This initiative developed and delivered an educational and training programme to introduce early screening for PND using the Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Scale to Cavan General Hospital and Our Lady of Lourdes maternity services over a series of workshops delivered by the Rotunda Mental Health team.

Child Health & Wellbeing-Hospital/National Centre-Beads of Courage.

The ‘Beads of Courage’ programme encourages parents of babies born prematurely to celebrate their progress and milestones while in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Parents keep a journal documenting their child’s progress, threading different colour beads for various treatments their babies receive and milestones they reach.