The Foundation team will work with you to develop a remarkable partnership to achieve your companys’ objectives.  Many of our corporate benefactors work with us to develop staff fundraising activities and incorporate match giving by the company to encourage staff.  Others have introduced the foundation on their company payroll giving scheme, or sponsored an event with us.

PartnershipsThe Rotunda Foundation pride themselves on building bespoke partnerships to support future generations and life itself, maximising the impact of companies support on the lives of the mothers, baby’s, and their families in the community.

Championing the cause of mothers and babies for generations, by partnering with the Rotunda Foundation to make the futures better for the Rotunda’s precious little patients, you’re brand will join 273 years of historical philanthropy that is preserved and celebrated continuously on walls of the main hospital in the unique historical timeline of benefactors.

Talk to our team today for more information on partnering with us.

Please also take the time to read through our full Philanthropy page.